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She has the energy and fearlessness of a musician half her age and experience: 10 years into her career, she says she "still can't get enough of meeting people and experiencing other worlds, other cultures".Auf Der Maur spent five years with Hole, a period she describes as "wild, unpredictable and amazing".A collection of big choruses and even bigger riffs, it's a captivating, often exhilarating debut that showcases Auf Der Maur's formidable vocal talents. "When I was in Hole I wasn't thinking, 'I can't wait for my solo album.' I was happy acting in a supporting role to someone else's vision.I was living in the moment, becoming a better musician, seeing the world and getting an idea of what I wanted to do with my life.

He attained such status that his funeral was broadcast on national television.Oddly, it was Auf Der Maur's father who persuaded her to take the job."He convinced me that it was a big opportunity, so after a week I called and said I'd changed my mind.Then, when I went out into the world, I was Hole's bass player.I've always been the one lurking in the wings and I guess I got comfortable there."She cautiously notes how the experience of living a childhood stripped of privacy in some way prepared her for the crazed existence of rock's most notorious widow.

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