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Robinson was installed as editor and she married him in 1894.She then sold it in 1893 to Frederick Beer, who already owned Observer.The paper began publication on 18 February 1821 as The New Observer, but from 21 April its title was changed to the Independent Observer.Its founder, Henry White, chose the name in an apparent attempt to take advantage of the success of The Observer, which had been founded in 1791, although there was no connection between the two papers.On 27 September 1964, the Business section was launched, making The Sunday Times Britain's first regular three-section newspaper.In September 1966, Thomson bought The Times, to form Times Newspapers Ltd (TNL).

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(At the insistence of newsagents, worried at the impact on sales of standalone magazines, it was initially called the "colour section" and did not take the name The Sunday Times Magazine until 9 August 1964.) The cover picture of the first issue was of Jean Shrimpton wearing a Mary Quant outfit and was taken by David Bailey.

Under its new owner, The Sunday Times notched up several firsts: a wood engraving it published of the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1838 was the largest illustration to have appeared in a British newspaper; The paper was bought in 1887 by Alice Anne Cornwell who had made a fortune in mining in Australia and floating the Midas Mine Company of the London Stock Exchange.

She bought the paper to promote her new company, The British and Australasian Mining Investment Company, and as a gift to her lover Frederick Stannard (‘Phil’) Robinson.

In 1943, the Kemsley Newspapers Group was established, with The Sunday Times becoming its flagship paper.

At this time, Kemsley was the largest newspaper group in Britain.

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